Kelly Experiment

There were a lot of questions asked about the Kelly Experiment heat format, according to ASP International Media Manager Melissa Buckley Kelly Experiment heat format will be the following:
Four surfers will still go out in the water. However, instead of one 30-minute heat, it’ll be split up into two 15-minute heats. There will be two jersey colors, let’s say red and yellow in this example. Reds will have priority the first 15 minutes, and yellows will have priority the second 15 minutes.
If none of the red-colored jerseys chase after a wave in the first 15 minutes, then the two surfers wearing yellow jerseys have an opportunity to go after it. Vice-versa for the second 15 minutes, with yellow having priority over red.
The surfers will also wear black and white armbands to distinguish who has priority within the 15-minute “mini-heat.” One of the surfers wearing a red jersey will have a black armband, while the other will have a white armband. Same goes for the surfers in the yellow jerseys.

Surfing is one of the so called outdoor sports and lifestyle sports that is gaining popularity very fast.

Via: FuelTV

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