Surfboard Bags And Packing For A Trip

To protect your surfboard you will need a board bag. 

NOTE: For a longer boardbag guide with all the packing tips and tricks go to

Here is whats available on the market:

Sock or Stretch Cover - protects from wax, scratches, dust and UV light, not for traveling!

A thin everyday surfboard bag - has 5mm or less protection, can be used for everyday trips to the beach. Not for long travel / airlines.

A thick everyday surfboard bag - has 10mm of protective foam, good for travel and airlines.

then you have bags that hold more than one surfboard. They are all thick and good for travel. Here a re a few features too look for:
  • how many surfboards does it fit
  • with or without fins
  • durable, heat-reflective reflective, and waterproof material
  • extra pockets for the fins and wax
  • comfortable carrying straps
  • good zipper
  • internal sheets for separating your boards
  • internal straps that fix the boards together
  • optional softracks included (or tie down straps).

Bag Size

Some extra space is already calculated into the board bag size. Get a bag that is the same length as your surfboard.

Check the width and the nose shape of the bag. A wide fish surfboard won't fit into a shortboard bag. That is why you will have different models for same length board bag: shortboard model, fish/funboard/hybrid model, longboard model.

Packing instructions

1. Fins - remove them, if they are glass-on put a finbox on them.

2. Protect the rails with insulation foam tube cut in half. Duct tape!

3. Bubble Wrap the board using the one with large bubbles.

4. Board Bag - put it in a board bag that just fits.

5. If you are packing more boards protect each one of them separately. Stack them so that the longest is at the bottom. Fix them together. Fill empty space with wetsuits and towels. No hard and sharp objects in thebag.

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Roxy said...

It's such a buzz killer to be traveling and moving around with your surfboard exposed to dirty and scratches damages.
I wish I had one of those 2 years ago