MUNDAKA, Basque Country, Northern Spain (Monday, October 9, 2006) – The swell has continued to pulse here at Mundaka this morning and the organisers of the Billabong Pro have no hesitation in sending out the remaining heats of round two.

It's been a waiting game throughout the event due to the nature of the tides with extreme highs and lows making it difficult to have consistent conditions for a full day of surf.

Forecasters indicate that today will perhaps be the biggest of the next few days and given that the waiting period is ticking away organisers will aim to run as many heats as possible.

"Conditions will improve quite a bit over the course of the afternoon," said Surfline. "Slowly fading surf takes over Tuesday, with the best waves again expected on the afternoon tide push. It will very likely again be tough to run in the morning with the large high tide. Wednesday will see mostly leftover energy with waist high waves on the better tides and occasional larger sets."

The heats today will be 30 minutes in duration and on the completion of round two the event will head directly into round three.

Today's round two heats include:

Heat 15: Victor Ribas (BRA) vs Darren O'Rafferty (AUS)
Heat 16: Nathan Hedge (AUS) vs Chris Ward (USA)

Stay tuned to or for the action being beamed to you LIVE!

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