Wetsuits used in Pro Surfing

We wanted to do a shorter post about the wetsuits that are used in pro surfing. Not all ASP WCT tour locations require pro surfers to wear a wetsuit. Some are really warm and surfers can only wear boardshorts. Performace wise - this is the best since no wetsuits means no restricitons for the surfers. On the other hand there are surf spots and world tour locations that require a full wetsuit, sometimes even a thicker on liek a 4/3 wetsuit.

So what kind of wetsuits do pro surfers wear?

First of all - they are basically the same wetsuits that you can buy in the surf shop. If they have special the very best of the very best shapers hand made input driven surfboard that you can not get your hands on even in your dreams (at least until the pro models comes out lol) the wetsuits are pretty much the ordinary stuff that is available on the shelves. Of course the op of the line model.

What do pro surfers look for in their wetsuits?

Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility! This is the first and the most important wetsuit feature. You know that wetsuits that are the most flexible are usually not the ones that last the longest. Since getting new wetsuits is not an issue for pro surfers :)... it's all about flexibility.

Flexibility of the wetsuit means how stretchy it is and how much does it hinder the surfer when he performs his maneuvers.

Wetsuit thickness and warmth only comes second. Of course most of the pro surfers are sponsored and among there sponsors are also wetsuit companies. So they wear and promote wetsuits from their sponsor. And they can also give feedback and input when it comes to development of new wetsuit models.

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